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Hello to all bikers and explorers of an unexpected Rome. My name is Matteo. I own a little web agency but I'm also an outdoor enthusiast.

Tired of working only in front of a computer for hours, I've decided to start also an activity that allows me to share my passions: mountainbiking and the love for my beautiful city.

But I'm still a tech guy. That's why I rent bikes that combines fun and technology: electric MTB with Bosch Ebike System. They are great for everyone to enjoy biking in long trail or in challenging climbs: riders can choose the electric help level according to their athletic training and trail difficulty. Everyone can reach destinations that can't even imagine, playing sport at the same time.

You are a good athletic biker but you want to go further? e-MTB tour is your best choice.

You are a good athletic biker but your mate is not so athletic? e-MTB tour is your best choice.

You are curious about mountainbiking but not sure about your fitness level? e-MTB tour is your best c... [More]