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Hi All,

I am a young American concert pianist and am looking forward in entertaining and meeting new people from all parts of the world so as to share my music and learn on cultures from each other! I have always loved all genres of music and really believe in sharing this passion with as many like minded people as is possible (particularly music lovers!). I am looking forward to meeting and performing for you!



Reviews for John P.
June L.

I had the pleasure listening to John play in his gorgeous downtown Manhattan loft. He has a groovy looking piano that is reminiscent of a jazz club straight from the 70s... or 60s. He's a very versatile performer who has concert piano experience and can do anything from the classics to more modern pieces. Just give him your preferences, and he'll deliver for sure.

Vayable T.

John is one of those people that embodies New York City so well! He's an investment banker by day and a concert pianist in a past life. He has this amazing artcase piano that he salvaged with his friends from a Brooklyn Heights junkyard. It's now gorgeously painted with a good dose of personality and great acoustics. He's extremely talented, and his apartment is gorgeous and comfy as well. If you're lucky, he'll even take you up to the roof of his too-many-floors-to-count building, where you can see a stunning view of Manhattan!