Reviews - Carolyn J.

Luca M.

Great experience! Carolyn was born and raised in Harlem and I really appreciated her proud description of its renaissance. Recommended!

Søren L.

We had a wonderfull tour through Carolyn´s nighbourhood, Harlem. We really felt, that Carolyn loved her nighbourhood and she had a lot of good stories and information, that she shared with us. We visited one of the churches, where we experienced a powerfull sermon and overwhelming gospel We ended up eating together in a small diner.

Lisa N.

Loved my tour of Harlem with Carolyn. She was so knowledgeable, friendly and outgoing. I would recommend her tour to anyone visiting NYC who has any interest in exploring Harlem.

Patrice F.

I really liked the tour. Carolyn is really knowledgeable of Harlem and very generous of her time. I highly recommend.


Two of us had the best New York experience ever on a beautiful Sunday in Harlem. Greeted by a knowledgable and funny Carolyn, we are now total Harlem converts and have not shut up telling our friends how they MUST visit Harlem and have Carolyn as their guide. Including telling a native New Yorker when we up at the Tatzu Nishi:Discovering Columbus. Informative and great fun, it was like spending the morning with a friend showing you around their neighbourhood. Carolyns passion for where she lives comes across beautifully and she's greeted by everyone - so we felt more like members of the community than mere tourists. I urge you to take this tour and have a wonderful timemorning with an amazing lady!

Sam L.

I went with Carolyn to check the tour this past Sunday and you are not visiting Harlem with another tour guide. Carolyn has lived Harlem through good and bad times, she was born and raised there, the street vendors are her friends and through the tour you understand she is Harlem - in addition, I had to run in the middle of the tour (before the Gospel) and i was so disappointed, she kindly offered me to come and join a group at another time which i will definitely do. Check it, I went through less than half the tour and it is already worth it!

Lucia P.

My fiance and I took the Welcome to Harlem tour this past Saturday with Carolyn and 2 other guests. I like that it was so few of us since it could be more intimate and personal. Carolyn was more than just a guide, she became more of a friend as the tour went on. Throughout the tour local residents greeted her and she them-- very cool. We learned so much about Harlem and are excited to come back and explore it bit by bit. We couldn't have asked for a better tour guide. This is by far one of our favorite tours we've ever done in NYC.