Reviews by Kyle
Kyle for London Photo Tour

I was really impressed with this tour and the guides. I would recommend it. Vianney (my guide) was very professional and easy to talk to. He made me feel comfortable quickly; despite being very new to photography. It was very clear that these guys are experts at taking pictures and showing you how to do it! In terms of the tour he came across as very competent and knowledgeable. I was impressed with how he was able to explain concepts that I think I would have struggled with at first. As a novice, the short briefing at the beginning of the tour was very useful to give me the foundations. Referring to notes and familiar pictures throughout was helpful to enforce ideas and concepts. It seems the tour is very flexible to what I am interested in doing and need to learn. Suggesting photos and letting me work out how to take them was good practical experience for me. Despite knowing London very well; I saw aspects of the city that I had not seen before and under appreciated. It was a great tour and I got some great pics out of it!