Reviews by Thomas

This tour took us on a couple of hours hike through San Fran, literally. I was sceptical before we headed off about using the word 'hike' in the tour name but soon learned just how appropriate it was as Alex took up the side of the Twin Peaks (yep on the goat track), through a hidden little pocket of Eucalyptus trees and up and down some of those crazy steep stairways that San Fran is famous for. Along the way we met some locals fighting to save their beautiful stairway parkland, played with some kids on a concrete slide, and chatted with Alex about her beloved San Francisco. I love tours. I love the slightly crazy men and women taking me for a stroll around their neighbourhoods and telling me great stories. I also love those big nasty hop-on hop-off tour buses that drop you off with millions of other tourists in all the most popular spots. I fully embrace being a tourist. Alex provided me with a totally different type of tour and it turned out to be a brilliant way to balance out all those other tours that were a little more predictable. Alex has hit upon a unique idea and has an effervescent and engaging personality which makes this tour an absolute winner. Thanks Alex !!