Reviews by Susan M.
Susan M.

Margo is a lovely, warm and knowledgeable person with whom we enjoyed spending the morning at Barcelona's flea market. She bargained on our behalf to get us some wonderful treasures! Even better was getting to know her over a cup of espresso afterwards, when she shared insights of the city and its rich history. We would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Barcelona.

Reviews for Susan M.
Marga B.

Although unusual for the season, today was freasing cold and probably not ideal for a walk at the Flee Market.However both Susan and her friend turned up on time ,ready and curious on what could be found there...Because of the bad weather the market was not to its full as usual, and maybe for that reason could I really enjoy so much the company...How pleasant to meet people like Susan and her friend, sharp observers of what is going on and absolutely open to make the full out of the 2 hours we had planed to spend together! It has been a beautifull moment of exhanging points of views and chatting just as if we had known each other before! How pleasant, how warm Susan´s company...These 2 hours turned to be over than 3 and I could have spent some more!.Thank you so much Susan!