Minea H.

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I am a San Francisco Bay Area artist, working in film as a writer and director. I also love to paint, sing, act, and make music. I was born in San Francisco and was in the famous earthquake of 1989 when I was just one year old. This spawned my love of geology, and I have studied in university some of the geologic complexities of the Bay Area and beyond. I went to college in Santa Cruz and studied Psychology and Creative Writing, but my current, overwhelming passion is travel. I have seen over 20 countries, and lived abroad in three, and visited 24 states in America, and as a result have become more open-minded and open-hearted than ever before. As a dual-Citizen of Finland and the US, I speak Finnish fluently. I am in love with learning about the cultures of the world, and can speak many phrases form many languages and am always wanting to learn more! I love nature and the outdoors and know the secret places they can be found in San Francisco. I go with the flow and love adventure.