Reviews by Sheriff A.
Sheriff A.

My afternoon with Garry was definitely the highlight of my week in San Francisco. If you're going to do one thing while visiting here - or if you're a native of the city - give Garry a shout. This is truly a non-filtered exposure to some of the most fascinating neighborhoods of this amazing city. Forget the tour buses, the stock guides, the self-guided brochures - they're nothing compared to this. With Garry, you'll have the opportunity to walk around streets and alleyways, you'll have various artistic and historic aspects pointed out to you, you'll drop in to odd junctures - all of which that you would never have known even existed as they're all "local" and genuine, not meant as a tourist attraction. I equally appreciated Garry's depth of knowledge of photography. Carrying around my SLR, I had a personal expert on-hand to guide me in taking better shots, and as a result, a more educated approach to using the full potential of my camera. Above all, what I enjoyed the most was that this was a really raw face-to-face opportunity to interact with some interesting individuals and characters in the city: we paused and chatted with many acquaintances he bumped into on the street, we interacted with complete strangers, we tasted some of San Francisco's culinary treats, and we made a habit of listening to the change in audible tones from one block to the other (to note the dramatic shift in cultural dominance of the neighborhood). One of the individuals we ran into referred to Garry as the "unofficial Mayor of the city" - I easily saw why as Garry was the perfect ambassador to show me around and expose me to the true "Souls of San Francisco." My only disappointment was that time flew by too quickly; but fortunately, the memory of this experience will last forever.