Lina S.

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My fascination for the former Eastern Europe started with books. Around 2005 after reading a gripping story about a young journalist leaving Croatia during the war I went looking for anything I could get my hands on about former Jugoslavia.

As love led me to Hungary a few years later, work then took me to other parts of Europe, that up until the end of 1989 stayed behind the iron curtain. And my relationship to these countries deepen every day.

Today I work as a tour guide in mainly Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic and the eastern parts of Germany.

I love finding the connection between history and what's happening around us today. I believe to understand the decisions of today we have to have a firm footing in the past. My strongest expertise is in the communist era, the revolutional year of 1989 and what happened next. I'm also deeply interested in politics of today and where the road is heading for these European countries.

I'm also a singer and I've competed in the Romanian natio... [More]