Reviews - Shane W.


Sorry I couldn't give the review earlier due to my long trip...My parents and I spent a day with Shane taking a photoshoot in Paris on 10 Nov. It was definitely the best day we were in Paris. Shane was great! The day was organised very well. We met at a café in the morning and had a pleasant talk about the plan of the day. Besides the spots my parents and I picked, Shane also recommended some other lovely spots. The photoshoot went more smoothly than I thought. I was worried because my parents were always nervous in front of the camera, but it turned out that my worry was no need. Shane was professional, friendly, patient, and interesting. Moreover, he had a great sense of humor:) Surprisingly, my parents became relax in front of the camera and started to enjoy the photoshoot. Thanks to Shane, we got many very nice photos. It was such a wonderful experience. Don't be hesitate to book a photoshoot with Shane, you will enjoy not only taking photos but also his great jokes:)))

Rissa C.

Shane was great! He should definitely get more clients. He's very friendly, he handles kids well (like me), and his photos are amazing; the way he takes his shots have a very unique style to them. This was my first time having a photoshoot in another country besides my homeland, and if I were to have another photoshoot, I'd definitely look for Shane. Shane, if you're reading this, thank you for the wonderful experience and teaching me how to ask for the check in French. See you soon! ~ Miss Rissa