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Michael G.
Michael G. for Your Parisian Day

We found Sarah to be very personable and engaging. However, we felt that our tour was a little lacking. We did not receive any "draft itinerary" in advance as described and as our tour date neared we actually initiated contact to be sure that everything was set because we had not heard from Sarah. We asked for a food-themed tour through an interesting neighborhood that allowed opportunity for interesting photography (another passion). Sarah arranged the tour to take place in the Monmatre neighborhood (which is definitely an interesting section), but the streets we walked were mostly residential/business with nothing much to see. It was a long circuitous walk, during which we talked a great deal about French life - but in all honesty we could have done it at a café for all the lack of scenery. She had to keep checking her iPhone to find a route during the tour, which made it seem that the tour wasn't well planned. We did enjoy the area & information we received about Le Marais where our tour ended. Sort of wished we spent more in Le Marais - at least it was more interesting to walk around. C'est la vie!


I had never heard of before I signed on with Sarah as my guide. But afterward, it almost seemed as she must have known me all my life because she found the absolute best experiences and places. She set me up on an afternoon tour in Iceland that I would have never picked myself and turned out to be the highlight of the trip for both me and my husband. The B&B she found us in Normandy was fabulous and the Paris neighbhorhood she placed us in - for our last night of lodging -in Paris, was just terrific. So untouristy - it felt like a special find. She was also lovely to deal with - and incredibly patient with my initial nervousness. Are there more than 5 stars I can give her?

Michelle S.
Michelle S. for Unique Shopping in Paris

We spent a magical Parisian day with Sarah. It all began at a famous cafe in the 11th (where many movies have been filmed including Midnight in Paris) where we actually ran into a famous French supermodel with her entourage. After we had our fill of papparrazzi, we headed on a walk along the most fabulous shops and concept stores where Sarah was able to point out quickly exactly which store was best for what purpose. You could essentially just do all your gift shopping (or buy your entire fall wardrobe) in a just a few hours with this girl! At the end of it all, Sarah took us to a buzzworthy rooftop bar (no sign and no name posted for this Insider spot) where we were treated to a glass of rose and 360 degree views of beautiful Paris. All in all, truly the perfect day.