Reviews by Stephen W.
Stephen W.

Brought a large group of 11 people on this tour -- probably larger than Joe is accustomed to. To be honest, this tour fell short of expectations, especially after reading all of the positive reviews. For the money, I would have expected a lot more food. My entire group grabbed another meal shortly after the tour. Highlights: Flushing is a truly great place to explore. If you haven't been, you should definitely check it out. Joe took us to some places I had never been before & a couple of dishes were truly unique/spectacular (the Tofu window was truly a great find). Negatives: Very little discussion, information, commentary was provided. The tour did not seem very organized. Again, for the amount of money paid, there were surprisingly few dishes: We tried approximately 9 separate dishes (very small portions...usually a bite or 2 of each) at 6 to 7 places. I had been to Flushing many times, and my group had all traveled or lived in China previously, so maybe our expectations were too high. However, the orders were just too small and we passed too many delicious items that were not ordered.