Reviews for Ted
Bibiana N.

The team of CityKayak provided everything I needed to go Kayaking. I had never been kayaking before and with 10min of basics training I was able to do this tour. You can bring your phone or camera with you to take pictures. They'll provide a dry bag which will keep it protected. Make sure to bring sunscreen and water with you and be well rested. It's a great morning workout. The tour guide, Paul was amazing and the views you get are incredible. If you go to SF this is a must do.

Ash J.

Its interesting what a different perspective you get of San Francisco when you are viewing it from the Bay instead of from land. Kayaking in the bay is a fun and exciting adventure, but if you're not sure you can paddle hard when you need to then stay home. It can be dangerous out there in the Bay during high wind conditions. Before you know it, you could be on your way to Alameda while trying to dodge cargo ships