Reviews by Mark B.
Mark B.

Vanessa did a great job showing us around Athens for a nighttime food tour. We went to a lot of places and tried a lot of different things we normally wouldn't have by ourselves. I would highly recommend this tour and I will be contacting her again when we return to Greece, as I know we will sometime in the near future.

Mark B.

We had a great night time food tour with Okan. My wife and I tried a lot of different food and learned some things along the way. Definitely recommended as Istanbul can be a little overwhelming at first visit, since there are so many places to eat, drink, etc.. We also visited a lot of places that we would have had no idea about visiting, which made the tour feel more authentic and less touristy. Would do this tour again in a heartbeat.

Reviews for Mark B.

Great guests. Very positive and energic. It is a pleasure to guide them.

Vanessa F.

After a long exchange of emails and a cancelled flight which led us to rearrange the starting time, I took Mark and his wife Ashley on an evening food tour around Athens. Mark and Ashley are both very well travelled and were genuinely interested in trying new dishes and drinks! I wish we had more time together, so I could show them some other dishes Greece has to offer :)