Reviews - "T"

"T" for Rio Grande Explorer

Tara is an awesome woman, as we'll as a fun, knowledgeable guide. She immerses herself deeply in any part of the planet you might find her on. Tara can tell you all about the culture and cacti in Taos, or about the history and Monk Seals of Kaua'i. All that Tara is, is definitely worth your time, energy, and money! Aloha Nui, Tara!

"T" for Karaoke Evening

WOW!! If you were sitting around, staring at the walls, nothing to eat or drink, no nothing.....BUT, you were at Jeannie and Skate's Amazing House Of Amazingness.....You would be having the time of your freaking LIVES with these two divine beings!.....Guaranteed!.....So, top that off with a Karaoke Night?....Foggedaboudit!! My most memorable times in San Francisco were definitely shared with Jeannie and Skate....I cannot possibly say enough positive things about these insanely beautiful people!....There just aren't enough adjectives. Their Home is as inviting as they are....As colorful as they are....As comforting as they are....Warm energy abounds in that house, with those people....The smell of awesome food is always present, as well as thoughtfully concocted cocktails! Jeannie and Skate are the type of people that, if they were to show up at my house, totally unannounced, totally unexpected, at 4 in the morning....I could not possibly be more stoked! Hearing Skate sing and play guitar will leave you wondering how he isn't a household name...He is an incredible talent, as well as an angelic person....This will take you about two seconds to figure out for yourself. Jeannie is truly a goddess!...She defines "Hostess With The Mostest". She is never without a smile, or topic for inspiring conversation.....Jeannie is the warm Sun on a cold, foggy San Francisco day. If you are considering spending even a SECOND with Jeannie and Skate....You can count on a PRICELESS experience! Aloha Nui, Jeannie and Skate!