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Paris' motto could be: "Eat, drink and enjoy."

The city offers incredible places to eat and to have a glass of wine, but you'll have to know where to go so you don't end up in a tourist trap.

To understand why French food is so good, we could thank our French Kings who were never satisfied and would always ask for better meals. French food had to taste good and, just as importantly, it had to look good.

The Parisian bourgeoisie had to wait for the French Revolution to see the openings of modern restaurants. Since then, well, it's been like a fairy tale as the city's best chefs have opened innumerable delicious restaurants.

What to Eat?

• Une planche mixte (charcuterie/fromage) in a café/bar

• The honey duck confit / gratin dauphinois at Le Bistrot d'Henri

• Pair foie gras and a glass of white wine

• Un moelleux au chocolat or chocolat fudge cake. Every proper Parisian restaurant will serve it on the menu. It's to die for.

• A ridiculous amount of pastries.


Service is included, but if you are happy with your meal you can tip up to 10% .

Price per Meal

$10 - $50

Best Restaurants

Le Bistrot d'Henri, La Petite Maison de Nicole, Frenchie, Le Bistrot Paul Bert, Le Dauphin, Le Chardenoux , l'Hôtel Particulier de Montmartre

Best Cafes

Best Parisian cafe:
Le Pure Café, Le Pause Café, Le Mama Shelter, Le Fumoir, Le Café Noir, Le Café Rouge, Le Georges, Le Rosa Bonheur.

Best coffees in Paris:
Kooka Boora, Coutume Café, Tuck Shop, La Caféothèque, Lomi, Bal Café.

Best wine bars:
Nectar de Vigne - 26 boulevard Des Batignolles is an intimate wine boutique where you can enjoy a bottle you just bought on their communal table. The three friends will soon launch a wine degustation on Vayable. Charmant shop a short stroll from the Sacré-coeur and the Moulin Rouge.

La compagnie des vins surnaturels, Le Barav, La Trinquette, Le Vingt heures vin, Le garde robe des batignolles, Le 36 Corneil, Frenchie Bar à Vin

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