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The schools of the pacific, the herds of the central valley the vineyards of the Golden State lend Los Angeles arguably the finest food sources in the world. From Jose Andres to Jose in the taco truck guy, chefs get remarkably fresh produce year round at reasonable prices. Local farmers markets litter the city debuting hybrid strains of fruits and vegetables besides mindfully raised meats.

Sure all the one named stars of the culinary world are here. Wolfgang, Morimoto, Batali, their flagship restaurants stay booked most nights. If you wonder where the chefs eat themselves try the most diverse array of ethnic food in the country. Mini towns of expats, like Thai Town, Little Tokyo and Little Ethiopia nestle elbow to elbow serving comfort food from far away lands for dirt cheap. For only in LA staples wait in line for Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, In n Out or even Pinks hot dog stand.

Maybe you're on a three week juice cleanse that happened to coincide with the end of your longest relationship and you just want a drink. Skip the dozens of Beard-worthy restaurants and escape to Napa Valley South. The Santa Ynez valley makes the perfect day trip to drink up the SoCal lifestyle and is as close to LA as Napa is to SF. Bring back a case so you can tailgate at a food truck, check twitter, cause even restaurants have wheels in LA.

What to Eat?

Tacos: Carnitas, Al Pastor, Suadero. You name it and best to get it from a taco truck.
Korean BBQ
Sushi: get the Omakase.
Health Food: Salads, Juice, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, LA does it best.


20% or more if you want to get in the good graces of a future Hollywood superstar.

Price per Meal

$5 - $70

Best Restaurants

Providence, Spago, Gjelina, Father's Office, Apple Pan, Animal, In-N-Out Burger, Matsuhisa, Pizzeria Mozza, Wurstkuche, Jitlada Thai, Urasawa, Bay Cities Italian Deli, Angelini Osteria, Cut, Dan Tana's, Mastros, Umami Burger

Best Cafes

Urth Cafe, M Cafe, LA Mill, Toast, Joan's on Third, Intelligentsia

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