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Tansel K.

Let me plan your stay in Istanbul to the minute detail and help you run through it by always being accessible to help and replan it. Here is how it works:

Before your arrival, we'll make an initial phone call and this is when you can tell me about your priorities and expectations. After this we'll exchange emails and I'll come up with a proposed plan and a budget. Once you are satisfied, we'll wait until your arrival.

We'll meet for the first time and sit together to review our plan. I'll also provide you my cell phone number. This line will be your hotline to reach me in case of problems or if you have questions.

As you continue with your daily activities, we'll meet again to review your progress and see if there are changes to be made.

Practically I'll be your personal concierge all along.

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Tansel K.

I was born and raised in the old city of Istanbul. My family has been living next to the Byzantine Palace of Bucoleon for the last 100 years. After the world war, my grandfather bought the land from our neighbours, the Cagaloglu family. They have been living there since 16th century and gave their name to the district famous for the governors office and newspaper industry. I'm a computer engineer by education and I had the opportunity to work for Fortune 500 companies such as Intel and Qualcomm. My team implemented History Calls, an audio and video guide covering the monuments of the city. For the last six years, I'm a councillor of the city responsible for foreign relations. During my mandate, I hosted numerous guests ranging from Hollywood celebrities to presidents. I always enjoy revisiting the street of the city and talking about it's past, present and it's people. My hobby is magic. So if you are interested, I'll be happy to perform for you during our trips. Full profile

15 Reviews

Tarin W.

I have been working with Tansel for the past few weeks on my upcoming itinerary to Istanbul. He has been wonderful and very detail oriented. He is suggesting not only great spots for seeing and dining but planning it in an intelligent efficient way. He seems very in the know and well versed on the city. He is friendly, patient and flexible. I would highly recommend you speak with him about your plans in Istanbul. Tarin

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