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Tia D.
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Does living in Bali arouse your curiosity or are you entertaining thoughts of living in "paradise?"

In addition to visiting all the local attractions and enjoying the traditional Balinese culture, I would LOVE to give you the inside scoop on what it's like to live here as an American expat! Where do we REALLY go for spa treatments, sunset drinks or even to see a local healer? Before you come to Bali, let’s chat so that I may share some hotspots off the “beaten path” with you.

We look forward to discussing anything about Bali and share our perspectives with you! We invite you to our humble home to share a friendly meal, as we are super excited to hear all about your adventures. I have been coming to Bali since 2001 for my fashion business, and made this our permanent home since 2012. I love to cook / entertain and feel that this is wonderful opportunity to connect with others off the island :-)

What you will get: 

~A fresh, top grade quality meal. I believe in the "farm to table" method of cooking and your menu choices will vary on what is available in the organic market. 

~All meals will be discussed and entirely customized exactly to your palette before the dinner date.

~Wine option is available for pairing with the main course.
*I am Vietnamese/American so if you have an interest in Vietnamese cuisine, it's my specialty!

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Tia D.

"When I followed up my heart, I woke up in Bali." A professional, creative and entrepreneur... tired of the rat race in Los Angeles, relocated to "paradise." My husband, Jody, and I are professionals living in Bali permanently for the past 2 years. "Why Bali," you ask? In a nutshell, upon wrapping up a project in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jody and I decided to hop over to Bali to visit a friend. A 5 day visit, turned into 18 days. We returned to Manhattan Beach, CA sold our possessions, packed everything up (9 suitcases, to be exact) and hopped on a 22 hr flight to Bali. We never looked back. We love it here and the island life that Bali offers. We would love to share the experience and insight with others. We welcome you to our tropical home to share my passion for cooking and conversations. Please get to know us on our blog: Full profile Leave a Review

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