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Michael P.
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Are you looking for a radical, off-kilter, New York tourism experience, plentiful with a vast amount of local and historical information? If so, then "The Counter Cultural Tour of NYC" (#CCTNYC) is the tour for you!

Essentially, #CCTNYC can be summed up as a unique experience, blending the known (and not so known) history of New York from 1625 to the present. Unlike the average walking tour, which is conducted from a seemingly monotone, dry, and prefabricated standpoint; this tour is conducted from an up to date, fresh, and thought provoking standpoint. This tour is DIFFERENT, because it is conducted DIFFERENTLY!

The itinerary of #CCTNYC would be the following:
• Start at Bowling Green at the steps of the Native American Musuem.
• Wall Street Area
• Zuccotti Park (Occupy Wall Street) & 9/11 Memorial
• City Hall Area
• Foley Square/The Five Points

The best way to see New York City is on foot, and if walking and history is your thing, then once again, #CCTNYC is the tour for you! #CCTNYC operates from 9AM-3PM, Tuesday to Saturday. Sunday & Monday 9AM-10PM (Pending availability)

Points of information:

• One walks at their own discretion.
• The tour is conducted in English.
• A session takes two and a half hours. This is factoring in bathroom break periods. There is a lot of walking involved.
• For parties larger than 9 persons; a flat rate will be implemented instead of the standard per-person rate of $34

(* Tipping is optional)

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Michael P.

— FOR INQUIRIES AND INTERVIEWS PERTAINING TO OCCUPY WALL STREET PLEASE EMAIL ME AT PELLA 7387 AT GMAIL DOT COM — HOW YOU DOIN? My name is Michael Pellagatti. I am a history buff, freelance journalist and sightseeing guide. For 8 months I am a tour guide in NYC (April-January) and for 4 months I do tours in Honolulu (January-April) My tours have been featured twice in the New York Times, and I have conducted excursions for the most prestigious academic institutions in the civilized world such as Yale, Columbia, and the University of London. When you are getting a tour from me, you are getting a tour from a living walking-talking encyclopedia! I am deeply involved with social justice causes in both New York and Hawai’i; being a fixture within independent media circles covering protests, breaking developments, and interviewing or featuring notable personalities such as Gloria Allred, and the late Pete Seeger. Everyone is unique in their own way, here’s what makes me unique. Professionally, I have one of the highest tour guide licensing test scores in New York City history (since the test was first administered in 2003) scoring 137 out of 150. I am the first, AND ONLY, tour guide in the history of the business to cover both New York and Honolulu. I have a legitimate claim to New York City's history, being among the small group of activists who camped out at Zuccotti Park on September 17th 2011, creating the Occupy Movement. By default that makes me a (not-so-famous) historical person not only as a tour guide, but also as an activist too! For more information follow me on twitter and Instagram @thepellareport, or visit the Counter Cultural Tour of NYC facebook page Full profile

23 Reviews

Linda S.

I am frequently in the downtown and Wall Street area of NYC. I have seen MANY walking tours and eavsdropped on a handful. These are large groups of 20 or more tourists with one speaker at the front who no one can hear pointing out some of the most boring or obvious things--things you can learn just looking at a map. I have also had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Michael P. He is not just a tour guide; he is a historian...but not a boring historian! Michael is filled with an unending wealth of details about both old and recent New York City. He dismisses the myths with reality, and I have never been so entertained learning historical facts about off beat and unque places. He has such a passion for what he does that it is impossible to feel bored. I kept wondering what surprise he will talk about next!. Michael P. will take you on a safe, customizable tour so if you have a particular interest in a topic he can focus on that. I am not at all surprised he scored so high on the NYC tour guide test. If you learn about this test you discover it is HARD and requires lots of study. Michael P. knows his facts; but he also knows all those other little things---the quirky personalities and unique and secret counter-culture stuff that is the real soul of the city. Trust me, skip the tour bus and highly commercialized walking tours and meet ths gentleman. You will not be dissapointed. I felt like I made a friend and could engage in lively discussion about things rather than just a passive member of a large annoying group. Fun fun fun and interesting! I bet if I took another tour with him, I could see a whole new set of things and learn even more of the stuff you won't find in a guide book or typical walking or bus tour. I suspect this man's popularity is taking off quickly so don't miss the chance for a REAL tour, packed full of the usual and the unusual stuff the average visitor never sees!

Jean L.

Great tour guide who knows the history of NYC inside and out...the good news as well as the bad...he's ready to tell enjoyable way of seeing NYC ..with a great guide..You didn't know NYC until you were guided through it with soon..don't miss the Summer rush..

Adriana N.

Proud to say I was Michael's first walking tour around old NYC. As a native New Yorker, to have a man who is part of history guide me through the nooks and crannies of downtown New York City is just an absolute honor and thrill! Michael is a full fledge encyclopedia, historian and a bad ass political activist who knows every detail about NY. He continues to blow your mind with his abundant knowledge on NYC's radical history! Any tourist, traveler or native New Yorker needs to meet Michael. He's a gem. Catch him while he's hot! You will not regret it.

Stacey T.

Michael is the BEST tour guide in NYC EVERrr!! I went to NYC for the first time wanting to see it all and I did! Also, as a bonus I received an attention grabbing history lesson. Don't be afraid to speak up and let Michael know your expectations of the tour. If you have a site in mind that you must see let Michael know. He adapts very well and will make sure you have the best tour experience. Michael is very professional and takes his job seriously, you will not be disappointed.

Emily W.

What an awesome tour! Michael P. is truly a first rate tour guide, historian and passionate native New Yorker. Immediately upon meeting him in City Hall Park, his first question for us was "what are you most interested in seeing and learning about?". He was so open to personalizing the experience and tailoring our walking excursion to our individual interests. Rather than offering a canned or scripted "touristy" tour, Michael took us on a fascinating journey through the both known and little-known historical points of interest in Old NYC. He masterfully wove a tapestry that combined architectural, historical, political and cultural details with stories of unrest, uprisings and the American struggle for peace, freedom and justice. With each corner we turned or narrow cobblestone street we walked down, Michael would captivate us with historical facts and tales of human triumph. There is perhaps no better way to explore New York City than on foot - rather than a crowded tour bus...and there is no better guide than Michael Pellagatti.

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