Prague, Czech Republic

Jewish Sights Omitted

with Willy L.

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Willy L.

Prague has other sights than the "Jewish quarter museum" in the Old Town that was paradoxically established by the Nazis as a museum of an ancient extinct race. There is nearby Jerusalem synagogue, and also in Liben and Smichov (districts 5and8), and an 18th century plague cemetery in Zizkov and Jewish cemetery in Olsany where Franz Kafka is buried among others. These sights are rarely visited, though easily accessible by public transport and some walking but time consuming to drive around in car or bus. As a result you will not find it on offer by any company regardless who runs it

The fee is for a group regardless of size.The Liben and Smichov synagogues are novadays used for other purposes but unlike the Jewish quarter where from middle of 18th century Jews didn't live, before the WWII were centres of nonsecular Jewish community

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Born in Prague, acedemically qualified in Prague Charles University and University of Queensland,( B.A., M.A., M.S.P.D.) Most of adult life spent in Australia. Licensed guide since 2009. Full profile

3 Reviews


We spent the whole day with Willy who was tireless and got to see places no one from our group had the chance to see. The transport was swift and we covered most of the town's historic sites as well. He was well of knowledge and useful information and spent with us over two hours more than is the schedule. I highly recomend.

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