Los Angeles, California

Hiking Off Road

with Melissa C.

Melissa C.

We will hike a trail that meets you difficulty and challenge level that won't be just up a dirt path to now where. My hikes are about getting outside and exercising but enjoying the nature of it and having a destination every time.

Hiking for exercise is great, getting outside and moving and taking pictures and running or strolling to a waterfall or a cave or lost city is much more exciting than your usual hikes just to tone and lose.

The hike!
There are great healthy and/or fun eats around the hike areas or my home to stop before or after. Having a sandwich and/or fruit for the hike is always a nice touch.
We can discuss those options.

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Melissa C.

Let's see, about me....I am a laid back person who just enjoys the free stuff the world has to offer, such as nature. I love finding the places people don't tend to look for or experience. I live with my long term boyfriend and 2 cats. Full profile Leave a Review

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