Reviews for Athens for the Food Lover

Sara S.

Getting to walk around Athens and taste local specialties was a must for my husband and I and Vanessa's food tour did not disappoint! Vanessa was very friendly and met us in an easy to find location. She showed us around some of her favorite spots many of which were only visited by locals and customized our tour to our interests and asked about any food allergies or preferences. We chose to taste smaller portions of multiple things rather than sitting and having a larger meal and sampled everything from greek coffee and yogurt to cheese from Crete. We finished our tour with full stomachs and Vanessa even left us with several restaurants to try during the remainder of our time in Athens! Overall, this is a great tour and a side of Athens you (and your stomach) don't want to miss!

Mark B.

Vanessa did a great job showing us around Athens for a nighttime food tour. We went to a lot of places and tried a lot of different things we normally wouldn't have by ourselves. I would highly recommend this tour and I will be contacting her again when we return to Greece, as I know we will sometime in the near future.