Toronto, Canada

2 Hour Toronto Sightseeing Tour

with Andrei N.

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Andrei N.
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My tours are highly customizable but here is a sample itinerary:

1. Campbell House: One of the oldest building in the city that had tremendous implications for how Toronto developed. This is where you will learn about the history of Toronto (Or York, as you will soon find out).

2. Osgoode Hall: Home of the supreme court of Ontario, and home of what is called the "most beautiful room in Canada."

3. New City Hall: Where you will find a secret piece of artwork that is creates music.

4. Nathan Philip's Square: A secret block is located there that might surprise you.

5. Old City Hall: Where you will learn about the hilarious history of the architect who built it.

6. Hudson Bay Company (The Bay): The oldest corporation in North America.

7. Eaton Centre: Famous historic shopping centre, and home of sculptures with a unique story.

8. Church of the Holy Trinity: The oldest church in the area, which is also the most progressive.

9. The story of the CN Tower, and the skyscrapers in Toronto.

10. Locations of some of the most famous movies and shows on TV.

11. The best burger in Toronto.

12. King Edward Hotel: the most haunted place in Toronto.

13. The location of Old York: the original 10 blocks of the city, and the location of what National Geographic ranked as the "Top food market in the world"

14. A secret piece of art behind a building that is worth millions of dollars... that barely anybody knows about.

Guaranteed you won't experience anything like it. Get to know the city better than the locals!

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Why will I show you the best tour of Toronto? is why: - I am a local of Toronto who does this FULL TIME. This means that I spend all of my time and energy learning about Toronto, and exploring every corner of the city. - I know all of the history, but I also know all of the secret spots, and what's going on around the city today. - I am young and energetic, and I guarantee you have never had such a fun filled tour with so many amazing stories of the city. - I surf the great lakes in Toronto, I bike in the city, I teach yoga in the city, I eat and sleep in the city, and I go out to events in the city all of the time. I know every corner of the city. - I saved a man's life once (you can hear about it if you come on my tour!) Most importantly, I am a fellow traveler and love meeting new people. I want to help you discover what you are here to discover and go above and beyond. See you soon! Full profile Leave a Review

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