Reviews for Jewels Off the Beaten Path

Caio T.

Um tour imprevisível onde você, literalmente, irá conhecer jóias da cidade. Seja constantemente surpreso por sua beleza, conhecendo-a por um ponto de vista diferente do que é apresentado nos tours tradicionais. Prepare-se para se maravilhar com as belezas escondidas de uma cidade linda e com uma história muito rica e peculiar.

Laurence A.

Very nice tour with Elisa. We've had an off the records insight of Buenos Aires with a glimpse of History. She's walked us to places that not all tourists go to . Thanks .

Laurence A.

Very nice tour with Elisa. We've had an off the records insight of Buenos Aires with a glimpse of History. She's walked us to places that not all tourists go to . Thanks .

Patrick C.

Having been lucky enough to do three of Elisa´s tours I can´t recommend her highly enough. This tour is great to see a unique part of Buenos Aires´ history and especially become acquainted with the famous Carlos Gardel! I feel that after doing Elisa´s tours that I have seen the "real" Buenos Aires and had the bonus of being able to discuss differrent topics with a native Porteño! 5 stars!

Lucy O.

It was fascinating discovering buildings and other features of Buenos Aires that I would never have found on my own. Elisa is very knowledgeable and passionate about her city and I had a great time. I even went back on my own to one of the places she took me to take another look.

Ruth H.

If you want to experience Buenos Aires a very different way from the tour books, try Jewels off the Beaten Path. Elisa will show you The Abasto Mall where there is a kosher McDonalds and beautiful architecture. You will feel the real pulse and "feel" of the city as you walk with Elisa and see the neighborhood of Carlos Gardel, the King of Tango. The best is that Elisa really knows her city and she is always learning more about Buenos Aires! Her talk is not a talk she gives by memory but by love!At the end of your "experience" you will really have a feel for this amazing city.

Julian L.

“An Awesome, Meaningful Experience and an Absolute Must Do on your visit to Buenos Aires” What a wonderfully delightful time! I absolutely loved it. Elisa is incredibly knowledgeable gained from extensive research that she will share with you in such an entertaining way that you won't even realize how much information you are soaking up. She is an exceptional guide, engaging, professional and very friendly, and has a passion for the history she imparts. She really enjoys giving the tour. She introduced me to a Buenos Aires that I had never seen. What I learned was amazing and far more than I expected. Who knew that the European immigrants made such a contribution to Argentinian’s art. This terrific walking tour was culturally enriching, very educational, the sites were captivating and most importantly a memorable experience of a lifetime. I am forever appreciative. You also get to some parts of the city that aren't on the standard tourist routes. (BA is just so large!). Above and beyond anything else, the information I received from this tour helped me to understand the culture of BA; the flavor of the city. This was one of the most interesting tour and I have ever done. My only wish is that it would be longer.... I could've listened to her all day It was just amazing to listen and learn as Elisa vividly narrated delightful historical facts told in entertaining stories you've never learned in any history class. You will have a number of "aha' moments as you learn the whys and hows the palaces were built. I have taken all of Elisa’s tours and they all exceeded my expectations. I explored BA like you would not believe. I encourage anyone visiting BA to include them in your itinerary. Don't hesitate! . I Highly recommend them .She always takes you to the most amazing places, she takes her time to answer your questions with a smile and takes into consideration each person's particular interest. I was also allotted time to stop for photo ops! Before, I always told folks, "You have not experienced Buenos Aires until you have watched tango dancers, sipped wine and eat beef", I now amend that statement to say, "You have not fully experienced Buenos Aires until you have taken Elisa’s tours. I truly enjoyed spending the three hours with her. Don't miss this tour. It is fantastic!!!