Rome, Italy

Ancient Rome Walking Tour

with Claudia P.

Claudia P.

An expert archaeologist will bring to life the extraordinary history of Ancient Rome full of the legends and epic .
The visit starts with the Palatine hill where the hut of Rome’s mythical founder Romuls is located, together with a series of ancestral cults sites such as the grotto of Lupercal, the temple of Vesta and the sacred site of the goddess Pales.
We will then visit the Antiquarium Comunale where a plastic model and a series of archaeological finds will help us to understand the topography of the site.
Finally we will take a walk in the Roman Forum, the monumental centre of commercial, political a social life of ancient Rome and a visit to the “Colosseum”.

Please note: is also possible to visit the house of Augustus with its splendid frescoes recently reopened to the public on your request.

Palatine -Roman Forum- Colosseum

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Claudia P.

Claudia Pinci is a specialist in Roman Archaeology and a licensed official tour guide of Rome.. She is actually a collaborator of MoLA (Museum of London Archaeology Service) and of the Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma in research and archaeological excavations. During my guided tours you can experience hidden places of Ancient Rome and its surroundings in depth immerging yourself in the atmosphere of a mythical past full of legends and epic. I like to work with small groups of travellers as I believe that the most important ingredient for a successful tour is to establish a good communication with each of you. To answer your questions, curiosities and reflexions about the topics with meet during ours journey of discovery of a place, including local traditional cuisine, wine and restaurants." Full profile Leave a Review

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