The Hague, The Netherlands

Explore Dunes and Nature of the Hague

with Samuele P.

Samuele P.

Dunes are a vital protection system for our Nether-Lands, Low Countries, for 60% below sea level... I will show you what 'we' do to keep them strong and... beautiful to enjoy. I know the nice, hidden spots and also some old German bunkers (from WW2), part of the German defence system against the Allied Forces. Mildly jogging (you set the pace!) and (forced by the occasional steepness) also just walking we go up and down and left and right, intuitively exploring and enjoying this beautiful part of The Hague. Depending on your (jogging) range we might also visit Holland's newest land, taken from the sea, also meant to fortify our coastal defence against the sea! So, instructive and good for your health, of course we stroll on our sirprisingly beautiful beach too! Includes practical tips to make jogging easier. lighter, less stressful, trust me, I'm a fas

Kijkduin, Westduinpark, Zandmotor peninsula in the sea, bunkers, radar post hills

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Samuele P.

host of former B&B The Swan Inn, Den Haag, running therapist and adventurous jogger (marathon runner in Wales and Switzerland and Morocco, e.g.), takes people on adventurous walks and runs in The Hague, through surprising nature nearby, really round the corner, has an eye for hidden paths, original tracks, loves to play with perspective, playful and energetic, open and energizing Full profile Leave a Review

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