Reviews for Delicious Athens Food Walk

Ceri H.

Had delightful morning with the charming Andreas. We sampled lots of Greek food, with interesting stories around it, met and chatted with various shop keepers and discovered places we would not have otherwise found. A great thing to do in Athens....highly recommended.

Michelle D.

This was incredible experience - we got a great tour of parts of the city and tried many wonderful foods. I highly recommend to anyone coming to Athens. We enjoyed Christina's upbeat personality and her vast knowledge of the culture

Raphael S.

The walk was great. We tried so many places, it took 4.5 hours instead of 3, but no-one minded. We even went back to some restaurants the following day and found that some of our fellow foodies were there as well. A great way to get to know Athens and Greek cuisine.

Raphael S.

The walk was great. We tried so many places, it took 4.5 hours instead of 3, but no-one minded. We even went back to some restaurants the following day and found that some of our fellow foodies were there as well. A great way to get to know Athens and Greek cuisine.

Lacey H.

This is the most enjoyable food walk ever! Our guide was a very personable, engaging woman who is understandably proud of her Greek heritage. The food samplings were fantastic, as were Christina's explanations of how each food fits in with the Greek culture. My family thoroughly enjoyed the morning and highly recommends the tour.


This is a must do! Everything is really all included and well worth the price. My only down fall is the amount of shopping I wanted to do while on the tour. You will have to wait until the end. Sorry guys. :)


Did this food walk with Christina - another Vayable guide. Brilliant! as a real 'foodie' I so appreciated the care and time Christina took to explain everything and answer my many questions. This tour = best highlight of Athens. Loved every minute. Thanks Christina. Julie x

Trent N.

We did the food tour and were very pleased with it. Our tour guide not only led us around to eat delicious local foods, but also gave a really in depth history about the city and Greek culture itself. Every stop had something new to taste with a story behind it. Highly recommended.


The tour was fantastic. Andres is a great guide. We loved the sights, smells, and tastes of Athens. Highly recommended.


This is a fabulous tour! We are a family of five (our youngest is verging on six years old), and Deanna kept all of us entertained as we travelled through several colorful neighborhoods in Athens, tasting local delights. Thank you!

Michael V.

The tour was off the beaten path, but full of delicious experiences. What a great way to see this part of the city. Very tasty!

Ellen H.

This being my first visit to Greece, what better way to experience Athens than with a food walking tour? Our guide, Melina, met with me and 5 other enthusiastic food explorers for an interesting walking tour that brought us through the neighborhood to places I would otherwise have passed by. Her knowledge and clear descriptions of the items we tried were very helpful to understanding the basics of Greek food -- from what bougatsa is, to showing us the original bakery for koulouri (the sesame bread rings one sees at a number of corner carts), to the differences between Greek versus Turkish coffee (they are the same thing, but depends on who you ask ;)), to medicinal uses of oregano and such. During the tour, one person was running a bit late, and Tina was able to this person to join our group for the rest of the the tour. I highly recommend this Food tour if you want to "get your feet wet" and have a wonderful tour guide to help you navigate the world of Greek foods and to taste some authentic Greek goodies. Many Thanks to Melina for her help in guiding us through the world of Greek foods :)

Graham B.

My fiancée and I were a bit weary of Athens upon arrival. At first glance, it's a bit unkempt; garbage and debris litter the streets, graffiti covers the scenescapes from city walls to every train car that Metro operates, drivers seemingly operate on little more than whim. But once the surface is scratched, and as its many layers are carefully peeled back, the beauty of Athens becomes readily apparent. Sometimes it takes a good native to expose the underbelly and the myriad secrets that a great metropolis is slow to show. Tina fits that bill perfectly. We are major foodies, so this tour appealed to us from the jump. However, we are both very skeptical of the typical tour experience. As such, we were looking for something genuine and authentic without the canned, on-the-rails experience that is typical of too many tours. Thanks to Vayable, we were able to find this tour, which met our criteria and quelled the skepticism before long. Even if you're not a foodie, this tour is the ideal way to get your bearings in Athens and acquire a general sense of the cultural importance of cuisine in Greece. Only by venturing off the beaten path, and into those alleys and crevices which Tina has deftly mapped out for the lucky, do we begin to peel back those layers and behold the truly beautiful aspects of an ancient culture that continues to thrive and bristle despite economic turbulence. Tina is an exceptional guide. Her love of the subject matter is obvious; at every turn she's ready and eager to compare and contrast culinary or cultural nuances, and does so with a passion that incites curiosity and appetite. More than just food, this tour is a window into the finest aspects of Grecian culture. Though I won't soon forget a single thing about it, I'd happily take the tour again upon returning to Athens.

Juan Q.

This was such a great food walk experience that will truly be memorable. Tina was very informative of not just the culinary aspect, but also the history of the city. We walked through the central farmers market to see the wide array selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meats. During our venture we tried a variety of pastries, cured meats, olive oils, vinegars, feta cheeses, honeys, and other popular street eats. The walk was organized very well and we saw many neighborhoods and friendly locals that enhanced our experience even more. As being a true foodie and chef, this was a great way to learn and savor the real authentic tastes of what Athens has to offer. Hopefully in the near future we will be back to this gorgeous remarkable city and have Tina take us around the town again.

Joshua V.

We had a fantastic experience with this. Such a great group size and really got a feel for the culture of Athens and the love they put into their food. Would definitely recommend this to others visiting Athens.

Kelly M.

We had an AWESOME time on the food walk with Tina. It was one of the highlights of the trip. Not only does Tina know her stuff but she was able to accommodate my vegetarianism on the fly (I forgot to let her know ahead of time). Since it was only my boyfriend and myself on the tour, the three of us were able to craft the walk to meet our interests. I have a strong interest in graffiti and street art so Tina folded that into the food walk and pointed out some great pieces for me to photograph. I would absolutely recommend this tour and any tour that Tina gives. She was awesome and even gave us some recommendations for another town we were going to visit in Greece. Again, great time..great guide!