Alicante, Spain

Fiestas on the Costa Blanca, Spain

with Sarah F.

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Sarah F.

Giant satirical statues, gunpowder, fireworks, bull-running, music and dancing are some of the many ways that Spain celebrates its many fiestas. Throughout the summer, you can be sure there will be a fiesta somewhere along the Costa Blanca. The fun starts in March with the fallas fiesta in Valencia when massive statues are erected in the streets and then burnt to a crisp on St Joseph's Day. Throughout the summer many towns enjoy bull-running in the street including the pretty town of Denia when brave young men try to lure the bulls into the sea. One of the noisiest and most vibrant fiestas is the Moors and Christians reenactment which is a running battle as the Christians overthrow the Moors - expect plenty of explosions, music and food. Other crazy fiestas include the tomatina where hundreds of people splat one another with ripe tomatoes in Bunol. Visitors can join in the fun or just sit back and enjoy the spectacle unfolding before them.

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