Reviews for Eat Up Tokyo

John W.

Exactly what we were looking for! My wife and I met Emmy for a night out in February of 2017 and it was a great way to kick off our trip. Emmy did a great job from the time we started communicating with her through the end of our evening tour. She accommodated our request to ride the metro and took us across town from a stop near our hotel to a part of Tokyo we would not have found on our own. We wanted to see small, intimate, locals only types of places and try authentic Japanese food. Emmy did not disappoint. We ended up having dinner in a small place with four floor seating tables and a few seats at a bar. We were served a variety of excellent small dishes, beer, and sake. From there we moved on down an alley and upstairs to a small bar that sat only a handful of people. We tried some Japanese craft beer, traded stories and got suggestions for other things to see on the rest of our visit. Emmy was a pleasure to speak with and quickly felt like a friend. I would highly recommend seeing a slice of Tokyo with her!


Great evening! Not only did Emmy take me to local hidden spots for dinner and drinks, we also had a great conversations about Tokyo, food, Japan etc. Highly recommend, especially for first timers to Tokyo.


Emmy was a fantastic host. She was a joy to hang out with, she immediately felt like an old friend, and her suggested spots were all such unique experiences. Our only request was to eat and drink in places that we might not have discovered on our own or might be otherwise impossible with our lack of Japanese. The three places we went delivered on all counts, from a small craft beer bar with warm and welcoming staff to an izakaya with an impenetrable menu and amazing sashimi, to a tiny loft bar in Nonbei Yokocho with just enough room for three (crouching). It was a highlight of our trip and it was really Emmy's personable nature that made it work. Beyond that she followed up later with recommendations for more spots to check out based on things we'd talked about that night. I'd definitely recommend this experience to anyone.

Jeffrey L.

Emmy was a great host! She took us to food and drink places that we never would have come across as tourists which was exactly what we were hoping for. She was great with her communication leading up to the day of our reservation. She has good taste for food and drinks. She was extremely friendly and fun to hang out with. She also offered to help with reservations for the remaining nights of our trip which is very helpful as our Japanese skills are woeful. By the end of the night it felt like we'd made a new friend. Highly recommended!

Anna Y.

I found Emmy through a friend who also took this tour and couldn't be happier. Emmy was great at communicating and asking questions about what we like/don't like before we met. She was kind enough to meet us at our hotel where we started our adventure! She took us to a famous pork cutlet/tonkatsu place and it was packed with people. Of course Emmy had everything taken care of and we were taken to our reserved room where we had our delicious food. Emmy was knowledgeable, easy to talk to and happy to answer all our silly questions. After dinner, she took us on a walking tour around Nakameguro where we soaked in the nighttime views of the river and cherry blossoms. Emmy was a great resource and tour guide and I would not hesitate recommending her to others!


Emmy was a wonderful host. She made me discover a great sushi place which i wouldn't have been able to find by myself followed by a drink in the cutest bar I've ever seen. Definitely worth it!


I am so happy I chose Eat Up Tokyo. Meeting and sharing time with Emmy was definitely a highlight of my trip. Emmy was truly a gem!! I felt like I was in the company of an old friend. The evening was very insightful and lots of fun. I think it's important to note that Emmy met us directly after school/work and was scheduled to work the next morning. She met my husband and I in the heart of Shinjuku and we walked over to a very cozy little neighborhood for an Okinawan dinner. Emmy ordered some wonderful dishes for us to share as well as sake to compliment our choices. Conversation was very easy and fun. After dinner, she accompanied us to Don Quijote to do some shopping then we headed over to an area with local neighborhood bars. All the while she was sharing about her city and eager to learn about us as well. Emmy went far beyond just arranging the tour. At least a month before our trip I contacted her regarding other plans and reservations for our stay in Tokyo. She offered suggestions and helped with bookings given the time difference and language barrier that would make it difficult for me to do so myself. She was extremely responsive and willingly helped and assisted in anyway she could. I can't say thank Emmy enough or express how much we enjoyed our time with her. Eat Up Tokyo is highly recommended!!

Jenny G.

Meeting with Emmy was the highlight of our trip! We are very adventurous and capable travelers, but she took us to places we NEVER would have found on our own - secret alleys, hidden staircases, local gems tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo tourist traps. And once we arrived at these various places, she made sure we were exposed to the finest food and drink available. She was our ambassador to local Japan and the experience is one we will never forget. Also her patience with us while we coordinated (very complicated) logistics was commendable. Not to mention, she is a delight to spend time with! Humorous, insightful, flexible and fun. I really can't recommend this Vayable tour enough. All in all, it was the perfect experience.

Kevin B.

Emmy is awesome! She met us on a Sunday night at our hotel and took us for an authentic Japanese meal at a small, out-of-the-way restaurant near Shibuya/Rappongi. It was a place that we would have never found in 1,000 years! Service was fantastic and Emmy felt like an old friend after only a short subway ride. She then proceeded to take us to a couple small izakaya behind the crazy intersection of Shibuya Crossing which also blew our minds! So much fun to sit and chat about daily life in Tokyo. We would not hesitate to recommend Emmy to other visitors.