Bilbao, Spain

Dine and Drink the Txotx

with Alex E.

Alex E.

You can't leave the Basque Country without living the real true experience of Txotx! This is more than a social event (it's a rite!) that takes place through many cider houses in the area. Join us and learn what it's all about. Enjoy tasting cider directly from the barrels (get in position to catch the stream) along with the traditional menu (includes codfish omelette, followed by delicious beef chops and cheese with nuts to finish...not for veggies, sorry...and of course as much cider as you can drink) in a great atmosphere.

The tradition says you have to eat & drink standing up while you talk to your friends (this is a social experience), but sure we can find a seat for you, so don't worry ;)

So in your next trip to Bilbao, contact me and I will take you to an exclusive experience.

1. Pick up my guests at their location in Bilbao and drive them to the cider house.
2. Have lunch or dinner while we talk, drink and sing (great atmosphere).
3. Safe back home, because remember: don't drive drunk.

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