Portland, Oregon

Portland Food Carts & Neighborhoods Tour

with Allen J.

Allen J.

Explore Portland Oregon’s diverse neighborhoods, historic bridges, and abundant food carts while sampling some of the best street grub in the country. Ride in the Eat Mobile and make 6 food-tasting stops to experience the great food the locals love.

Explore the most popular food carts, as well as hidden treasures, in Portland, Oregon. Get to know the food the locals love with a rich offering of yummy samples of food and drinks. Sit back and relax in your comfortable Eat Mobile while you're chauffeured throughout the city, and sample a variety of foodie fare from around the world as you cruise the Portland.

Each tour features 6 food-tasting stops, sightseeing around Portland’s bridges and neighborhoods, and detailed anecdotes about the carts visited. From truly authentic southern fare, to award-wining Asian fusion you'll have a tasty tour while marveling at the 500+ food trucks that serves Portland's hip population.

All food is included!

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Allen J.

Even from an early age I have been obsessed with food, but it wasn't until my epic round the world trip that I began to see how large a role it played in my daily life. I watched as the motivation for my travels slowly morphed from hitting major landmarks and sightseeing, to seeking out and sampling the very best food the various cultures and countries had to offer. This philosophy still holds true, and I often find my free time spent exploring the corners of the pacific northwest, checking out the endless restaurants, food carts, and markets this amazing area has to offer. Full profile Leave a Review

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