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Paris Night Photography Tour

with Alexander B.

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Alexander B.

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The Paris Photography Night Tour leads you on a personalised trip under the lamps and past the cool waters of the Seine on this night-time exploration of the most beautiful city in the world. The three hour, private tour teaches you how to make beautiful night time images through mastering the more challenging elements of photography.

Whether you are a starting off, a hobbyist or have years of experience, our team of professional photographers will find superb photographic opportunities for all kinds of interests. Led by one of our professional guides, Alexander, William or Clara, we will take you to capture not just the grand landmarks, but the stream of car lights and the blurred passing of boats on the river Seine. Take advantage of the one-on-one experience of our private and personalized tour to develop your own creative vision while offering practical tips on photographing in low light and long exposures.

Each tour is crafted to the skills and needs of the participants. Apart from taking photos, you can also expect to learn:
1. Night photography basics
2. Light painting
3. Night portraiture - getting the most out of your flash
4. Long exposure light streaking - cars, boats
5. Reviewing your photography

You won't be on your feet the entire time though, we will start off with a coffee in a typical café to go over your work and level of technical expertise so that our professional photographers can craft the perfect tour, suited directly to your skill set. Let us know if you have a particular location you want to shoot and we will work it into the itinerary.

Each tour is private, but feel free to bring along guests, such as other photographer friends or your partner and family, but we ask you limit the group to four people. This way we can work at your pace to make sure you take away the skills that last a lifetime.

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Alexander B.

To book a photographic tour with Alexander and his team, please message me. I’m a professional photographer and work in the areas of fashion, travel, portrait and dreamscape. I’ve been taking photographers on tours since 2013 when I started to share my passion for photography with others each time I take a tour, I still manage to find some small thing that I've never noticed before, this magnificent city is bursting with secrets, vistas, and details and is a photographer's delight. Since 2015 I’ve asked other photographers I trust help me take tours and now run photography tours in many cities across Europe. I makes me so happy to teach my art and my passion to others. Full profile

86 Reviews


We had an absolutely fantastic time doing the night photography tour with Alexander. Our group varied enormously in our experience, ability and the cameras we were using but Alexander was able to cater to our individual needs perfectly. Being able to do a private photography tour was a great way to spend a night seeing Paris with close friends and was so worthwhile. We only wish we'd had time to do the daytime tour as well while we were in Paris!

Tracey M.

I had a fantastic night with Alexander. Very casual, yet informative and fun. Would definitely look at doing another night in the future.


Alex is a great guide. He knows Paris top to bottom, and is a gifted story teller to boot. He took me to parts of the city I can guarantee that only a handful of people ever get to see. He's flexible and can help you plan an experience that's unique to what you're looking for. If you're looking for a real adventure, I highly recommend connecting with Alex.

Joanna S.

I'm doing photography since a while, but still, Alexander Bradley managed to teach me a lot. He knew how to perfectly adjust his tour to my level of experience spiced up with a generous portion of humour. I really want to thank him for a great evening - it was just amazing.

Linda C.

I am the type of person who rarely leaves reviews. This tour is great enough for me to make the effort. I've had photography lessons before that have left me confused enough to wish I hadn't taken them in the first place. Alex takes the time at the beginning of the tour to look at your camera, find your knowledge base, explain settings and find out what you like to photograph. He then guides you around, finds a general area with you, let's you pick the shot and gives gentle guidance on what to do to make your shots better. I'm the type of person who has to get instructions, then do it before I understand. He is not only an expert photographer, he is kind person and a fantastic instructor. Not all who understand photography know how to teach it. Alex knows both. He was also kind enough to send me the instructional material so my friend wouldn't have to take notes while he talked and I played with my camera. And when my battery died, he loaned me his camera to use. Did I mention he also loaned me his tripod? Alex is an all around package and a class act. He's friendly, professional, kind and definitely worth the money (and I'm about as tight as they come with money.) 5 stars all the way! Merci Alex!

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