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Dublin Like a Local

with Emily W.

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Emily W.

As a visitor to Dublin, you're quite likely to see the main historical points and oldest churches the guidebooks say are must-sees. But what do locals really like to do, see, eat and drink in Dublin? I'd love to show you.

Did you know there's a rooftop garden on one of Dublin's museums with one of the best views of the city? Did you know there's a Georgian building full of tiny boutiques and cafes just off the high street? Wonder where we go to escape the tourists? Well, walk with me. I'll show you the inside scoop.

And as we walk, I'll even teach you the best way to order a good pint of Guinness and we'll work on your Irish slang. When we're done I'll even send you on your way with recommendations for the rest of your visit.

We can tailor your tour depending on your familiarity with Dublin and your interests. Or we can pick a neighborhood and explore all of its ins and outs, from cafes and pubs, to galleries, markets and public transportation.

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Emily W.

I'm a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger who's passionate about sharing all the great, creative goings on in Dublin. Born and raised in Maine, I moved to Dublin in 2008 and live on the city's north side with my husband, who works as a guidance counselor in an all Irish speaking school. When you're coming to Dublin, my guidebook, Delightful Dublin (www.delightfuldublin.com) is a great place to start, or you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram - I'm @emilyholmes. Full profile

8 Reviews

Jennifer H.

I cannot put into words how great this walking tour was. Emily really knows the city, inside and out, and took us to places we would not have found, while also providing an excellent overview and insight into Dublin. Worth every penny + she's so open and welcoming. You should do this!!!

Jackie T.

Two thumbs up, 5 stars, a perfect 10, whatever scoring system you use, Emily's "Dublin like a Local" walking tour will pass with flying colors. With her, I learned things I never would have known otherwise like what the diving bell was used for, and discovered shops I might have missed like Sweney's Pharmacy complete with Joyce's lemon-scented soap. From restaurants and shops to quirky sites and Dublin's most beautiful ceilings, Emily effortlessly weaved her way though the city and gave me tips and recommendations for the rest of my stay. She showed me the Heart of the city, and I couldn't help but fall in love. The best part, though, is that it does not feel like a "tour". With Emily, I felt like I was going for a walk with a friend. In case you couldn't tell, I HIGHLY recommend Emily's walking tour.

Regeana L.

I do a lot of traveling and have seen a lot of things but the tour I did with Emily was a first. I had been to Dublin before and seen the "normal" tourist stuff. What Emily showed me was such a great way to get to a different and more local level. It was really fun. She showed me little shops, cafes, and galleries I would have never found on my own. It was all still city center and very walkable. She introduced me to some great people along the way. I even got the unexpected bonus of getting some Christmas shopping done too. I will definitely do this kind of tour again but particularly recomend seeing Dublin this way. I can't recomend Emily enough. She's truly great! R

Nicolaus F.

Great guide! Emily was friendly and knowledgeable. It was nice to see everything we did in just one day. It was definitely a lot of walking, but definitely worth it!

Anne D.

I had a super short stay in Dublin and Emily helped make the most of it. She knew all the great spots, and with a great twist of Irish design (I'm a graphic designer so she picked spots knowing my interest). We met some designers too who showed us their work. I saw places I wouldn't have been able to see without a local. Emily is super friendly and welcoming, and it was a pure delight to get to see Dublin through her eyes. Now I want to go back and explore more!! Definitely recommending to all my friends!

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