Reviews for Road Less Traveled: Walk + Hike + Drink


Salem knows Boulder in and out and really gave me an off-the-beaten path tour. He provided a very tailored yet flexible itinerary and always asked me if I preferred to one option over another. Communication was really easy. Boulder has a lot to offer and the mountains nearby offered a great view of the valley below and beyond. The nature around was just phenomenal and Salem did take me to great spots around town. We also went to a good restaurant with locally sourced food and fantastic craft beers. Did I mention Oxygen Bar? Yeah, you can ask him about that, too. Pretty RAD experience in Boulder! Salem's super friendly and took a genuine interest when we were talking about our backgrounds - it felt like we've known each other for a while. He went beyond what was expected and continued to give me advice as I kept coming back to Boulder from Denver as I ended up really liking the place. 5-stars for Salem!

Mike S.

This tour was great!! Salem is very knowledgeable about Boulder (and Denver) and created a tour just to my interests. The bike I had was quality and the pace was set at whatever level I wanted (I had a private tour, but I'm sure he'd find a happy medium for a pace with a group). Also, his schedule was pretty flexible, so contact him if the times available on Vayable don't work for you. We biked the nice path along the creek/river, went to a very cool distillery that I'd never find in a million years on my own, visited some local places to eat and drink and also went on a great hike up a hill that had an outstanding view. Salem is a real nice, professional and interesting guy and I'd encourage anyone that is touring Boulder to contact him to see how he can help and/or make a tour for them. You won't find someone more knowledgeable about Boulder! PS: I suggested he put together a pub tour on bikes and hope he does it.