Reviews for An Intro to Reykjavik

Laurie R.

This is a terrible customer service experience. Our guide Samuel cancelled 2 hours before we were suppose to meet. He still charged us. And to date I have not been able to get a refund! No one will answer my requests or emails. I have been trying for over a month. Be warned.

Sam L.

Sam was super interesting from history to anecdotes, he has accumulated so much knowledge during his 7 years in Iceland. Both about Reykjavik and the Icelandic society, He is a goldmine of information. He adapted the walking tour to our interests and mixed it a bit with his coffee tour so that we would stop occasionally at his favorite coffee places. Definitely recommended as soon as you arrive in Reykjavik.


I had a great time sightseeing in Reykjavik with Samuel. He's extremely knowledgeable about Iceland's history, culture, and language. He also customizes the tour to fit your interests. Highly recommended for anyone coming to Iceland who's interested in more than just taking photos. Really felt like I learned a lot and got some great recommendations for restaurants and other sites to check out. Thanks Samuel!!!

Leslie V.

Samuel's tour is the perfect way to get an overview of Reyjkavic. Though a rainy & cold day, Samuel was a great sport & gave us a nice walking tour with insights into pop culture, history, food/restaurants, government, places to visit, etc. Samuel is an opinionated ex-pat and very knowledgable & accommodating of questions. I highly recommend his tour!

Aaron B.

I booked the Intro to Reykjavik with Samuel and it lived up to my expectations. Samuel is very knowledgeable about the city and truly shows an enthusiasm for his adopted home. Taking this tour is a great introduction to the city and sets you up for great exploration of the city on your own. While on the tour, Samuel ran into several of his friends--again indicative of him becoming one with his new country as well as a constant reminder of how small Reykjavik is. Samuel offered recommendations on what to do in Iceland as well as where to shop (supermarkets and convenience stores were a life-saver). A few days later, we ran into him on the street and he took the time to see how we were doing and offered his assistance if we needed it for anything. I would highly recommend taking this tour or any tour that Samuel leads because his enthusiasm about Reykjavik is contagious.

Tom A.

This guy was great. Seriously, a knowledgeable, engaging, and unique guide. I and my two daughters (18 and 16) booked the Reykjavik tour with Sam. We spent about five hours with Sam the day we arrived. We actually were pretty tired after arriving at 6:30 am that day then spending then morning at the Blue Lagoon on the way into RVK so none of us were initially feeling like a walking city tour in the afternoon. Boy were we wrong. The time flew by. We not only learned a great deal about the history or culture of RVK and Iceland, Sam also provided lots of insights and observations about the Icelandic people and current society. The tour exceeded our expectations in every way and really set the tone for the rest of the trip, I would highly recommend doing this tour first thing because it really gives you a solid knowledge base that you cannot get from the guidebooks and websites, as well as a current frame of reference for your trip. Thanks Sam - you're the man in Iceland.

Liz D.

Samuel's walking tour of Reykjavik was a lot of fun and very interesting; a mix of socio-political commentary, historical facts, and interesting pop culture references. (In addition to the personalized and engaging tour, Sam also took the time to walk us four New Yorkers through a grocery store in order to help us decipher the array of unfamiliar items, which was so very helpful!) The tour concluded with a taste of some delicious Icelandic brews and interesting conversation -- we highly recommend this cool and helpful guide! Book at the beginning of your stay as he provides a lot of suggestions for places to see, things to do, etc.

Marisa F.

A friend and I scheduled this tour for our first afternoon in Iceland. As with all things, there are pros and cons. Pros: Samuel has a great personality, knows where to find a delicious, organic cup of coffee, and seems to love Iceland and its people. Cons: showed up late, didn't seem like he had a plan, didn't get us to THE church during open hours, stopped to chat up friends, admitted he was sick, and talked a lot about himself while asking nothing about us. Overaall, I would not recommend this Intro to Reykjavik tour.

Dan M.

Anyone looking for an engaging and insightful tour of Iceland is in luck, and Sam is your man. He provided excellent, social, political, and historical commentary while we walked to and from a lookout point. As a foreigner, he has deeply immersed himself in Iceland's culture, and understands its psyche. I strongly recommend his tour to anyone who needs some direction, especially early in the trip. He can provide great recommendations for day trips, live music, beer and coffee.

Bill A.

In early November, 2012, six friends and I joined Samuel Kohler for a walking tour of Reykjavik. Sam was a delightful tour guide, always accommodating and full of interesting stories about living in Iceland. We explored interesting neighborhoods, the docks, government buildings, and just when the cold breeze was about to become stressful, Sam treated us to hot chocolate and treats in an extremely pleasant, warm and comfortable coffee house. We had a fine time and I heartily encourage anyone looking to spend an interesting few hours in Reykjavik to sign up for one of Samuel Kohler's tours. If you'd like to see pictures we took during our walk, look here:

Úlfdís H.

I had Samuel as guide for a "Viking tour" in Iceland and it was really just perfect. Visiting uncommon and marvelous places with always a little anecdote on it that you will hear nowhere else. I really recommend Samuel for those who want to have a personnalised and unique tour.