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Himalayan Cuisine in Jackson Heights

with Joe D.

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Joe D.

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The area surrounding 74th St. in Jackson Heights has long been known as Little India. Now home to more than half a dozen restaurants offering Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine Himalayan Heights is a more apt moniker. Explore this exciting cuisine from the rooftop of the world.

Taste the Tibetan staple, tsampa, a roasted barley flour, and Tibetan-Sichuan fusion at Phayul. Enjoy the fiery Indian-Chinese specialty chili chicken and Tibetan tripe. For those who absolutely must have Indian in Jackson Heights there will be stops for the savory vegetarian snacks known as chaat, kebabs, freshly made paratha, and Indian sweets.

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Joe D.

My friend Rob calls me the “foremost Caucasian expert on Asian food in Queens.” The New York Times calls me an “invaluable food sleuth.”And New York magazine calls me the “guy who ate Queens.” I prefer to think of myself as the man who ate his way around the world without ever leaving Queens. It’s an ongoing mission that I chronicle on my blog, CHOPSTICKSANDMARROW. I live to discover new regional Chinese food courts, Mexican street foods, Nepalese dumplings, and Indian junk food. I’ve been told that I take too many photos of food. My response: “Wait, don’t eat that yet!” Full profile

49 Reviews

Rebecca R.

Amazing food at tiny little hole-in-the-wall places we never would have found ourselves in a million years. Lots of fun!

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