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Concrete Jungle Photo Walk

with Sam L.

10 reviews

Sam L.

Style: Artsy

Discover the most unique vantage points for many of the city's famous landmarks! I will share with you these privileged corners of NYC along with various, must-have, techniques so you can shoot your own stunning photographs. You'll learn how to choose the best angle and compositions and learn how to think about creative new ways to best use your camera's settings in manual mode.

Take a photo tour to take unique pictures of New York and learn to use all the features of your photo equipment. You only need to bring your best camera and walking shoes.

The walking tour and a photography lesson throughout.

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Sam L.

Born and raised in Paris, I moved to New York in 1999. This time coincides with the purchase of my first digital camera with my first paycheck. Back then I was so impressed by the buildings that I just wanted to save them on files. Time flies and after tons of trips and better knowledge of New York, I wanted to share my passion for photography and offer a way to take great pictures while learning more about photography. This is how I started offering photo tours of New York Full profile

10 Reviews

Mindy D.

I really enjoyed the Concrete Jungle Photo Walk. Jean Francois was a great teacher. I learned several tips that I think will help me improve my photography. It was fun being a tourist in my own seeing and learning how to "see" and photograph iconic landmarks from a different viewpoint. I recommend the tour for locals and visitors. Mindy D

Bronwyn M.

What a fabulous photo walk. From the very beginning the guide had us thinking about where to look for fabulous shots. Pointing out landmarks from a range of perspectives, whether beside objects that gave a sense of size, or a reflection that showed an almost abstract, but recognisable image or a shot through a window, gave classic icons of NY a fresh view. Fast, informative and interesting, the tour passed in a blink. Enjoyable and educational. Bronwyn Morrison, Melbourne, Australia

June L.

We've all stuck our noses up at those people with fancy DSLRs that shoot only in automatic mode. My excuse for not knowing anything about photography is that I don't have a fancy camera to play with. I borrowed my friend's camera for this tour and now know how to do the basics like adjust the aperture, shutter speed, focus points, and ISO. Now I can function somewhat decently in manual mode and show up my friends who actually DO have those fancy cameras. I got a bit of architectural history in New York from this tour too!

Vayable T.

Sam's tour is a photography class in the middle of New York City! You will go to various landmark buildings and take pictures of them from very interesting perspectives and vantage points. If you're a total beginner in photography, he'll teach you the basics. But if you're more advanced he'll show you some nifty tricks! We recommend that you bring a group of friends that have about the same skill level as you so no one is left behind or is bored! He's a banker by day and knows plenty of NY facts and great places to eat and play. Happy shooting!

Marc D.

I learnt a lot of new lessons, tips and tricks which will help me in producing better pictures and most importantly I had great fund at the same time. Thank you Louis.

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