Reviews for Explore London Like a Local

Daniel L.

I had the immense pleasure in being shown around ( via foot and bus) of the non tourist parts of London The indispensable part of this tour was her initiative in looking for the customer's personal interests, which seemed to be skillfully integrated into her usual "non tourist" itinerary; mine happened to be architecture and so Kathryn took the time to research a few places that she had not taken her previous clients; memorable parts of the tour included the markets in brixton and Leake st (graffiti) but the most memorable spot was of course was the site where we both were checking for the 1st time, that being the Buborcin, which was an unforgettable experience in walking through an elevated platform where it was a sublimely quiet hub located in the otherwise busy and noisy center London. I wouldn't have visited this place without Kathryn and if I was to do variable again for he city of London, I would not hesitate in booking for her again as she is very open to creating an itinerary that is unique and has not been traversed.

Matthew H.

We heard about Vayable one week, connected with Kathryn the next week, and were touring some of the coolest parts of London soon after! A great itinerary was planned for us from our Kensington hotel. Kathryn met us promptly and we hit the ground running. Our goals were completely met as we wanted to see the London from a local perspective, with a focus on art, architecture, culture, and design -- and some really great food! Kathryn was a fantastic tour guide. She was punctual, courteous, friendly, and fun to be with. Her knowledge of the city is amazing. Her passion for what she does clearly comes out in everything she does. We were sad when we had to part ways after the tour! All in all, a really fun tour!

Andrea A.

I am very glad I chose this experience. My guide Kathryn was very nice, knowledgeable and willing to tailor the tour to suit my interests. She was very kind to me in the phase preceding the booking, trying to understand what my interests were and to arrange the tour in a date compatible with my schedule. I found the experience very interesting, and surely it adds insight into the real life in London, I would recommend it alongside the more traditional sightseeing experiences.