Reviews for Hidden Treasures of Buenos Aires

Caio T.

Fui positivamente surpreso por este tour! Elisa é uma apaixonada pela história de seu país e sua cidade, conhece cada detalhe e a história por trás deles. O tour passa por várias relíquias da arquitetura da cidade e faz uma viagem ao passado dando contexto a tudo o que está sendo visto. Na minha opinião, este é um tour obrigatório para quem se interessa por arquitetura e história.

Jessica W.

Elisa was a lovely tour guide. She grew up in the city and knows it well. Her English was very good. She's well-traveled and could discuss the history and current events of Buenos Aires. She was very flexible to the group's needs and interests. We had an unplanned coffee break, because we hadn't had much sleep the night before, and Elisa was happy to accommodate us.

Patrick C.

This is a great tour to do to get a local´s insight in to the micro centre of Buenos Aires. Elisa has an in depth knowledge of the country´s history and shows unique places and provides the history & stories to go with it. She showed me places I walked past and had no idea of what waited inside. Can´t recommend enough! Dante´s Building and the Revolutionary´s bar were personal favourites!

Jane S.

This is the 2nd walking tour that I took with Elisa & as before, she was great - very knowledgeable & full of insights & historical facts of the places visited, the underlying events & people from the past that made the sites interesting & notable. Again, I had the privilege of her undivided attention (since I visited BA in May, it was a relatively low season for tourism) & she was very patient & good jumpers in answering all my questions - even rangrntial questions that were not directly related to the tour! The 3+ hours I spent in her company was well worth any number of hours Iight have spent trying to read up & visit the sites on my own. I highly recommend Elisa's walking tours - they are enlightening, fun, insightful & well-paced. I certainly hope to revisit BA and take her other tours next time!

Victor J.

Este fue mi segundo tour que reservé con Elisa después de "Caballito..." y lo disfruté mucho igualmente porque plantea un interesante recorrido arquitectónico por la Avenida de Mayo y lugares aledaños y nos dirige la mirada hacia edificios que quizá pasaran desapercibidos para nosotros y nos da también la posibilidad de entrar en muchos de ellos para descubrir los detalles arquitectónicos al tiempo que nos habla sobre las costumbres y la historia de Buenos Aires a finales del siglo XIX y principios del XX.

Howard B.

As someone who has led historical walking tours in his own home town, I can tell you that Elisa really knows her stuff. Doing this kind of tour well requires many, many skills, and Elisa's good at all of them. She has a love of history and architecture (and how they intertwine), and she communicates her love of Buenos Aires well. Taking one of her tours is like ambling around town with a friend, rather than a tour guide. On this tour especially, you'll see sights that most tourists don't see, because on most tours, you can't wander in and out of buildings without causing a fuss. Elisa's tours were the best part of our visit to BA.

Howard B.

As someone who has led historical walking tours in his own home town, I can tell you that Elisa really knows her stuff. Doing this kind of tour well requires many, many skills, and Elisa's good at all of them. She has a love of history and architecture (and how they intertwine), and she communicates her love of Buenos Aires well. Taking one of her tours is like ambling around town with a friend, rather than a tour guide.

Salama A.

Me and my friend enjoyed the tour with Elisa very much. It was one of the most exciting things we did in BA. It was like watching history documentary . Elisa was also helpful guide in what and where to get other things in BA. I would definitely recommend this tour to everyone visiting BA. Salama From Oman

Bruce M.

We loved this walking tour. It was informative and we got to see things we had just passed by on the Hop On Hop Off bus. Elisa was friendly, easy to understand and knew interesting stories about the history of buildings in BA. She was open to questions about Argentine politics, both current and past. I definitely would recommend this tour early in your stay in BA.


Thoroughly enjoyed my tour with Elisa!! In fact so much so that I booked a second tour the very next day . Elisha is a true professional . Engaging , interesting and with a passion and enthusiasm for what she does that's infectious !! She knows her history and also understands what to show us to keep our interest . All the best sites but also a great peek at things off the beaten path that give you a truer sense of the true culture and way of life in BA !!! Had to buy her flowers as thanks at end . Elisa you made my visit so much more enjoyable and interesting - thank you again !! Rob

Daniel M.

Loved "Hidden Treasures of B.A." walking tour! Our guide rocked! The tour was unforgettable and interesting for the whole time! I would not have discovered half of what I did on my own. The tour groups are also very small making the experience even more personal It's not some stuffy tour with a bunch of bored tour guides. Our guide was funny, charming and full of interesting information and great stories. Love this tour! I was intrigued not only by the architecture of our tour but by the volume of knowledge that Elisa shared with us. Elisa is so full of local knowledge which can’t be replicated by the big tour companies. And not only did she know a lot about her city but we could all tell that she loved her city and enjoyed sharing it with us. She also showed us beautiful and eloquent buildings, ones I would never have known were there but now I know would be devastated if I had missed. She is passionate, super nice guide very charismatic, opinionated and lively. She is the best guides ever!! If you want to get to discover and all kinds of secrets, gorgeous places ands see the Buenos Aires that Porteños keep for themselves, then book this amazing tour of a lifetime!

Patricia G.

A very interesting and imaginative tour of downtown B.A. From the moment the guide started talking, she was captivating with all of her knowledge. We couldn't have asked for more. The tour was extremely informative and entertaining. Overall the experience was amazing! Elisa limits the number of guests to 6 to keep the intimacy and the proximity with their guest and it's a great way to ask question and learn more about the city. She told us many great stories about the origins of Buenos Aires and answered all my questions. Also, she really knows her business and she is so enthusiastic about arts and history. If you want a real tour of hidden gems in downtown Buenos Aires, with someone experienced in the culture and history of Argentina, then take this tour. Go on a tour with Elisa and you’ll have an energetic, personable native Argentine taking you around. I went on three tours with her. Charisma and attention to detail define her tours. All are excellent in their own unique way. Just great!! And I would have done more if she had offered even more experiences. Thank you for providing such a fantastic opportunity to see a different side of Buenos Aires!

Matt C.

My family (wife, daughter (8 y/o) and me) took this tour with Elisa in combination with her Caballito tour. However, these are definitely different tours, so don't think you're getting "more of the same" if you combine both in one day. As advertised, this tour focuses heavily on some of the more interesting architectural aspects of one of Buenos Aires' most prominent avenues, and unlike the Caballito tour, which really takes you into a unique "non-touristy" part of the city, this tour really does reveal a lot of "hidden treasures" which are out of the plain sight one might see taking the typical tourist bus or standard downtown walking tour. Strange doors are opened, odd hallways are approached, and your temptation to "look around the corner" is met with Elisa at the helm. It would be a challenge to meet another guide as well prepared as Elisa, and her knowledge comes through both in conversation and in the level of detail she spends in making sure your experience really is unique. In fact, when she learned our young daughter (8 years old) was coming along with us on the tour, Elisa went out of her way to find yet another hidden treasure in the form of a doll exhibit at a local museum -- she even went to see the exhibit before taking us! Buenos Aires is a city with wonderful architecture, and this tour is a great way to help bring an even greater level of detail and understanding. Highly recommended!

Leland H.

Go ahead, take the tour bus if you must. And then take this tour to find out what you missed! Elisa has searched out many of the absolute best architectural gems of downtown Buenos Aires -- classic buildings from a golden age, some of them only recently restored, some on their way to restoration -- all of them in a league of their own. And the stories she can tell -- these jewels come alive with a back story that sometimes defies description! I am particularly thinking of a very tall building with the most fascinating history. I experienced it twice. Once on the tour bus -- it was "quick take a look, oops, we have to move on." Something about an Italian poet, I think... And once more with Elisa. As she layered on the details of the building's history, and its complex relation to the poet Dante, it got more and more fantastic -- an insight not only into the building itself but the Latin American imagination. Just as enlightening were our stops at several confiterias -- places where porteños pass the time over coffee and conversation. Of course, you can do that, too... And this makes all the difference! On Elisa's tour, you are not part of a herd, but an intimate group of new-found friends. Highly recommended.


Not knowing where to start and with the many places to visit and things to do in this fantastic city, I was happy to find out that there is a tour of downtown Buenos Aires. Little did I know, that booking this tour, turned out to be one of the best decisions I made that day. This is a tour for those who like to explore touristic spots and secret spots, too. I don’t like all walking tours - but I LOVED this one. What made all the difference is: 1) there is no way you could enter and visit these buildings if you are doing a tour with a big group (this one is a small group tour). 2) I visited so many gorgeous, incredible, unique places that I would have certainly missed them if I had tried to see downtown B.A on my own. 3) The Avenue we walked along is considered the best architecture walk in Buenos Aires 4) And of course, is the storytelling ability of the guide. Elisa is super nice, very knowledgeable, passionate, well informed and accommodating. The insightful historical stories, anecdotes and information she tells are great! And they come from a local's perspective and a local's perspective really enhances the experience. This tour is so amazing! You will certainly see and learn something that is not in any guidebook. So yes, if you are in Buenos Aires and want to do a great tour, this is the one!