Vienna, Austria

Viennese Coffee House Tour

with Alexander H.

Alexander H.

The Viennese Coffee House is famous throughout the world, renowned for its rich cultural history as a meeting place for writers, intellectuals and artists. Hidden from the bustle of tourists are Viennese regulars, known as "Stammgäste", with customs and traditions as much of an institution as the beautiful cafes they drink coffee and read newspapers in. This unique tour will take you through the most beloved cafe near the city center to glimpse and experience the Coffee House as a true Viennese.

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Alexander H.

Hi, I am Alex Haumer, currently in my second year of university in England. I study economics and I am also a big fan of recent (19th - 20th century) history. Vienna is the place where I grew up and the coffee houses function as an excellent hub for interesting discussions about current and past events. Full profile Leave a Review

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