Istanbul, Turkey

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with Merve E.

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Merve E.

Well, I am definitely a foodie!

I just want to taste something that day and hit the road :) go outside and make food tours:)

I offer you the same I can take you my favorite places and I am sure you will not regret and where we can taste local street foods! Cheap and nice, tasty, delicious.

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Merve E.

Down The Rabbit Hole Once upon a time, there was a girl who decided to become a mighty translator, she fought evil (like; witches, exams and final test; thesis) all for 4 years then she became what she wanted, by the time she achieved she understood she didn’t want it so much, she remembered her dreams like to be a belly dancer and an astronaut, travelling the world and for one of the dream it was not so late. Well, it was not belly dancing. It was travelling, so she did, she left her land and sailed to the wonderland, where she could be a princess in the day time and be pirate at nights. Okay, not everything was so magical. I studied Translation and Interpreting and decided to work in cruise ships as a youth counselor (playing with kids and stuff) so that I can see the world, meet crazy new people and on top of that make some money:) After this I have lived in Poland and worked in a school for 7 months. Then this crazy idea came to my mind to apply for Emirates airline and i did. Now here i am in Dubai! The land of biggest, the most and largest :) I can still help you to organise trips around Istanbul or Turkey, or if you are around Dubai let me know I can show you around :) Cheers, Merve Full profile

13 Reviews

Matthew B.

If you enjoy great food prepared with detailed attention, Istanbul is the city for you. At the crossroads of East and West, ancient and modern, European and Asian, Istanbul is a treat for the dedicated foodie. Merve took us to some truly superb places where people enjoy eating. On our won, we would have missed many of the places we sampled. With Merve's guidance, we were able to see and enjoy all sorts of taste treats, from savory to sweet. She was able to describe many of the seasonings and styles of preparation of the dishes we sampled. We learned so much from Merve that when we were on our own, we were able to order the dishes we enjoyed with her.

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