Reviews for Radical History Bicycle Tour

Vayable T.

This tour is for those interested in learning more about the history of San Francisco, whether it's a city that they know well or a completely new place. The bike ride is for all levels, and Chris is extremely knowledgeable about tales from the past! Ask him about his archiving project.

June L.

Chris took us back to a place where there were bustling harbors full of imported food, horses dragging tons of bananas down streets, mayonnaise factories in place of coffee shops, and large-scale bakeries in place of modern office buildings. It was a smaller world both literally, since much of the current coast was under water, and in spirit. The hustle of the industrial SoMa district has now settled down into quiet re-purposed warehouses and condos, but you can still see traces of the past when you peel back the paint with a local historian.