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Walk Through the Dodgers’ Neighborhood

with Jasmine

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As we can see, the Dodger stadium has a pretty sweet location. With it’s amazing view of downtown, it’s green surroundings, & it being accessible from one of LA’s most popular areas-Echo Park, but have you ever spent time hiking through the trails on the hills, or driven to any of the incredible viewpoints, or have seen the little league fields that often appear in movies, have an even higher viewpoint than the dodger stadium and that overshadows the LA police academy? There’s a handful of things to explore just outside the stadium & lots of history to learn about. You’d be surprised :)

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Coming from such a city where many people come to start exciting new lives, and where people move away with good, wholesome experiences, I’ve gotten to sit back and watch how it fluctuates from one extreme to another. Ive seen and been apart of some of the city’s most historical events which has given me a pretty broad view of the truest parts. Enough to share with you everything that there is to hear, see, sometimes taste and even feel the city first hand. Leaving you with Real and satisfying experiences. A true raw perspective from a local. I’m an artist and musician. Born n raised here. I have a sweet and amazingly talented dog that is always by my side (& I mean always), I sometimes play music out ‘n around, participate in local art showings and projects, or go thrifting with friends, but mostly hang out with dogs. So i’m definitely dog-friendly. Full profile Leave a Review

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