București, Romania

Central Bucharest Beyond the Old Town

with Lina S.

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Lina S.
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Bucharest is a city brimming with life. At first glance you might find it messy, noisy, hard to navigate and too much to take in - especially since you're hit by the mixture of remnants of "Paris of the East", communist blocks, buildings in ruins and new slick glass facades. It's a lot to take in, and it's what makes this city so magical.

In this tour, we'll stay in central Bucharest, we'll explore by foot and my goal is to give you access to those parts of the city you don't notice at first.

Regular city tours for me, is me talking - the group listening. This is what I want to move away from, with my Vayable tours. I want you and I to talk, to explore.

Here we will take a deeper dive into Romania and the city's past, to be able to discuss it's present and future. I will give you what I've learned from working and living here for the past 4 years, though I'm not ethnically Romanian the advantage is that I can give an outsiders perspective - all that I've learned from my friends here, scattered from Bistrita to Sibiu to Bucharest to Contanta. I live and breathe this country, because I love this country. My aim is to give you insight to one of the most fascinating places in Europe.

I also believe that discussions are at their best during a combination of movement (as in: we're walking) and relaxing (as in: we'll eat and drink).

If you're up for it, I will also send you some links before we meet, to prep you for this experience.

I'm excited to meet you, in the city I adore. Welcome to Romania.

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Lina S.

My fascination for the former Eastern Europe started with books. Around 2005 after reading a gripping story about a young journalist leaving Croatia during the war I went looking for anything I could get my hands on about former Jugoslavia. As love led me to Hungary a few years later, work then took me to other parts of Europe, that up until the end of 1989 stayed behind the iron curtain. And my relationship to these countries deepen every day. Today I work as a tour guide in mainly Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic and the eastern parts of Germany. I love finding the connection between history and what's happening around us today. I believe to understand the decisions of today we have to have a firm footing in the past. My strongest expertise is in the communist era, the revolutional year of 1989 and what happened next. I'm also deeply interested in politics of today and where the road is heading for these European countries. I'm also a singer and I've competed in the Romanian national selection for Eurovision (aptly named Eurovision Romania) where I got to the semi-finals in 2018. I often perform in some of the best bars in Budapest. In my tours I put a lot of focus on culture, life today, connecting it with history and of course my favorite hidden gems (especially in Budapest, since I view it as my hometown). I'm looking forward to show you the places I love the most. Full profile Leave a Review

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