Genova, Italy

Food Experience in the Downtown

with Alessandro P.

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Alessandro P.
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Taste the most typical food in Genoa in the charming background of the historical center!
The historical center of Genoa has a particular charm: its narrow streets, soaked in history of the ancient Maritime Republic will make the traveler feel the soul of the city
I'll take you into the labyrinth of the famous narrow streets , through one of the biggest historical center in Europe, and you'll see the most charming - sometimes not very well known- places.
However, the common thread is food: we will stop in different little restaurants and shops , we'll taste each time something different and little by little discover the traditions and the history of Genoa, and even details about the character of its inhabitants.
The quality of food was carefully selected, we will taste local wine in a specialized wine shop and...don't worry you won't be hungry at the end of the walk!

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Alessandro P.

My name is Alessandro, I'm 37 and I'm from Genoa, Italy. I'm passionate about traveling, I've visited many countries in 3 different continents and every time I travel I'm interested in getting to know local culture. In the past I had a controversial relationship with my city, because Genoa tends to hide itself and doesn't even reveal its beauty and charm to Genoese if they are not determined to discover it! After traveling a lot, I felt the need to deepen my relationship with my native city and I began to get to know it better, to observe it with the curious eyes as I do when I visit new places and I realized that it does have a lot of resources, often hidden somewhere. So I decided to engage in incoming tourism, I became a tour leader, using my passion to promote the land I live in. Full profile Leave a Review

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