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Graffiti Art Workshop in NYC

with Jeff S.

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Jeff S.
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Ready to get down and dirty with graffiti?

Enjoy a hands-on lesson which will teach you about this controversial art form.

In recent years graffiti and street art have become increasingly more popular and appreciated by the public. Simple scrawls have evolved into detailed mural compositions. Now is the time to learn more about this exploding artistic phenomenon!

A respected New York City artist will immerse you in this underground world. They will begin the workshop by walking you through a brief overview and history. Then he or she will introduce you to basic painting techniques and theories. This includes tags (small), throw-ups (medium) and pieces (large). See a live demonstration of basic techniques and observe the artist’s process. Then get ready to participate hands-on!

Become an amateur graffiti artist yourself by working on a colorful masterpiece under the tutelage of your expert instructor. Everyone will get a chance! Watch the canvas or wall come to life with vibrant colors. By the end of this workshop you will leave with an introductory understanding of graffiti and its history. You will have learned basics of the trade and will have created your very own piece of graffiti art!
This is a public activity. There will be up to 16 participants.
Workshop usually takes place in Brooklyn or New York City.

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My name is Jeff Stirewalt and I specialize giving tours of Brooklyn, NYC (and Queens). My passion is to share the culture, history and neighborhoods of my hometown (Brooklyn) with the world! Architecture, current events and food, too. I could be described as an energetic person - animated and always up for adventure. On my tours you are encouraged to participate, ask questions, or contribute! My most popular destinations include: DUMBO - a trendy waterfront loft neighborhood with outstanding views Williamsburg - a post-industrial district which has become famous for youth counterculture Brooklyn Heights - a leafy enclave of historic brownstones & mansions Bushwick – Gritty district of artists and graffiti culture Long Island City – an old neighborhood of industry has been revitalized into a top place to live, work and play Please contact me if you want to know more. I'll provide you with all necessary info about fun, historic, creative and TASTY things we can do in beautiful Brooklyn. Get the best insider tips and meet interesting people! Here are couple tidbits to whet your appetite: -Did you know the reason why a Brooklyn factory installed the world’s first air conditioner? -Do you know which common household product invented in Brooklyn has sweetened the lives of countless of people; but has been a source of frustration to many others? Whether you are a first time visitor or a native New Yorker, be ready to have a blast! I promise you will learn new amusing, informative and interesting things about NYC; and you will see the city in a fresh, different light. Full profile Leave a Review

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