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Have you ever considered you might have lived before? Take a journey back into the past through Past Life Regression with one of London's leading TV experts.

Past Life Regression will delve into the core of your being to help understand your journey through time and to help bring any closure to issues that may have lingered from past-lives lives.The regression experience can also bring an intense feeling of connection to the universe, and to your own spirituality. This profound experience is healing and life-changing experience all by itself.

We have all lived countless lives and those memories are imprinted deeply upon our souls. Nicolas can help you access these soul-subconscious memories by guiding you into a deeply relaxed state. In this deep meditative trance, the facets of your past lives can be woven together into a meaningful history, and unresolved fears can be finally confronted and resolved to create a better future now.

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Born and raised in London, a unique city that is a melting pot of history, different cultures and people from all walks of life that makes it an eclectic city to live in. A creative mystic and social activist at heart, for the past 10 years I've worked as a professional expert in Reincarnation and Past Lives, Meditation and Astrology with research and case-studies published in numerous publications. I've lived a colorful life having lived in the Himalayas, defying medical understanding through reincarnation cases, uncovering the origins of taboo behaviors to working with VIP celebrities and politicians. I am passionate about the metaphysical and holistic living and would love to share this with you whilst showing you what London has to offer spiritually. I look forward to meeting you! Full profile Leave a Review

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