Reviews for Hawaii 5-0 Tour

Bill T.

Friendly and prompt tour guide however a very boring and ill prepared tour without any atmosphere. We actually asked for the tour to be stopped half an hour earlier because we were getting tired of being driven around without any purpose. Steep price to be paid for a drive around the Island. Would be good to polish the presentation of the tour to make it more interesting and relevant to fans and to actually let people know what can't be accessed as advertised ie Steve McGarrett's house in this instance.

Garland C.

Took the tour on February 2018. Me being a procrastinator, I made the mistake of waiting to the last minute to book a Hawaii Five-o tour. I tried to book a more expensive cruise that had a capacity of 10, but it was all sold out for the remaining days I was in Hawaii. I was lucky to be able to book Yen's tour with only a few days’ notice. It was a bonus that she provides a private and customized tour, and she was even amenable to shifting the start half an hour before our scheduled time. Yen was a great and friendly tour guide. She was an extra on many shows and while I didn't get to meet any stars from the show, I'm sure if the opportunity arose, she would be able to get us to meet them to get photos. We were also able to see some wonderful sites and even got to see the inside of Rachel's house (happened to be an open house during the tour). I highly recommend Yen's Hawaii Five-o tour!

Catherine P.

Booking this tour of Yen was the best decision of my vacation in Hawaii. Without this Hawaii Five-0 tour, I doubt that my vacation would be THAT memorable. I really enjoyed Yen's company. She's super friendly and knowledgeable about both Hawaii and Hawaii Five-0 - the best tour guide. I enjoyed listening to her stories a lot, as she had some experience working in movie production industry as well. I was lucky enough to run into the crew and take a picture with Scott Caan, which was totally the highlight of my trip. None of that would happen without Yen. If you're wandering around trying to find the best tour, congratulations, you've just found the right tour. Right here! Don't hestitate to book this tour immediately, you won't ever regret it!

Ian D.

Had a amazing tour with Yen. Thoroughly enjoyed our tour and was great that she had been in many scenes. Was very knowledgeable about Hawaii five o and the island . We went to many great locations around the island where Hawaii five o was filmed . Was great to see and link back .Went to Steve's house in which the owners were so welcoming into there home , explain were they film and that we had just missed the film crew who were there to arrange the final scene for series 5 . Thanks very much Yen , had a great day . never will forget . A must for all Hawaii five o fans . Ian / Debbie

Amber K.

We had SUCH a great time with Yen! She took us to some very familiar spots from the Hawaii Five-O series and showed us some beautiful Hawaiian scenery at the same time. She was super friendly, a very good driver and full of interesting factiods about Hawaii and Hawaii Five-O. Can't think of a better way to start a holiday in Hawaii! Thanks Yen! Amber and Ben xx

Kari H.

My husband and I took the 5-0 tour with Yen recently. She is a fantastic guide with very thorough knowledge of the show and the area. This was truly one of the highlights of our trip! It was so much fun seeing areas featured on the show and hearing Yen's insider information. We even got to sit on the chairs in McGarrett's back yard (and she took our pictures)! I heartily recommend this tour and look forward to hopefully seeing Yen in even more episodes. Mahalo nui loa, Yen!

Kana O.

It was totally fun tour!! I'm not a native English speaker but Yen was so nice and friendly that I felt so comfortable all the time. Talking with her this and that about the show was very interesting, every view from the car was beautiful and occasional walking was also good. It was one of so exciting moment I'll never forget at the McGarrett's house. Without her I would have never experienced all of this. And that shave ice! I would highly recommend this tour for any fan of H5-0!

Karen H.

We didn't want to book a tour where we sit in a small bus with 10 or more other people, so we decided to book Yen's tour, which was the best we could do! She was so friendly and had a lot of background knowledge that we actually see the filming of a new episode with Alex/Steve McGarret at his house, which alone was worth the money but we have seen a lot if recognisable spots from the show and had so many good things to eat... the best shave ice we have ever tasted inluded! thanks again Yen! everybody who thinks about about booking the tour, stop thinking and book this great trip!

Linsey M.

If you love the show and want to head out on a tour that will actually show you everything, then let Yen take you out there! The big tours in busses can only go certain places and try to please everybody and in the end it's just... 'basic'. But with Yen, you're going to get a private tour of the island, taking you to places busses can't reach and if you'd like to spend more time somewhere, or do anything specific she'll be able to accommodate that. Beyond that, she's a fan of the show herself and has been on it, so she knows what she's talking about, not just reading some kind of script, and you'll be kept entertained along the way between places. It was the best tour I did while on the island and the four hours just flew by. Take advantage of her local knowledge, too. She'll point you in the right direction for other fun stuff to do while on vacation!


Great tour--she is enthusiastic and knows the island well We had her take us to some of the 5-0 sites as well as many beautiful sites on the island

Jonathan R.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the 5-0 tour given by Yen Phan. Visited many locations where filming took place. An added bonus was simply seeing the city, including two stops high above the city with gorgeous views. Close to four hours and included a needed shave ice stop towards the end. Yen Phan was friendly and knowledgeable. Recommended.


The Hawaii 5-0 tour with Yen was amazing! Yen was a really great host. I felt so at ease touring with her and enjoyed the conversations we had. She took me to a lot of locations where Hawaii 5-0 was filmed. As a bonus, we witnessed an actual filming along Kalakaua Avenue! It was one memorable experience. I'd definitely recommend this to any 5-0 fan who plans to visit Hawaii. Mahalo, Yen! :)

Karen S.

Our Hawaii 5-0 tour with Yen was incredible. She did a fabulous job. Her inside knowlege as a H5-0 extra truly enhanced our experience. Going to Steve's house was an added bonus & something I'll never forget. She took us to several locations and had several reference photos, along with her personal collection of her photos with cast members. I would highly recommend this tour and know we made the right choice in selecting this option.