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The London Coffee Experience

with Sakhr A.

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Sakhr A.

You thought we were a nation of tea drinkers, didn't you. Get ready to shatter that illusion, and taste some of the most delicious coffee on earth.

Until about 5 years ago, the best London could do was a mug of brown Nescafe sludge. Then something changed - a bunch of New Zealanders showed Brits how to do it properly. London became the city of the international coffee festival, the world champion barista, and the annual espresso competition.

We'll walk around some of London's prettiest streets (there is a central London edition of this tour, as well as the east London option), talking about London cafe culture, why things suddenly changed, and learning what the hell a Flat White is.

We'll visit at least five of London's new wave of coffee houses - a throwback to the Penny Universities of the 1800s - and sample some of their delights (some will be decaf, and in other places, we'll just sip an espresso, so no coffee-highs!).

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Sakhr A.

I'm a journalist. I write and talk for money. I edit a travel magazine, and I know London like the back of either of my hands. I've eaten my way across most of the city, and know the hottest new places, the best chefs, and the tastiest dishes in every neighbourhood. If you're lucky, I might even tell you about London's best off-menu like a Londoner! Full profile Leave a Review

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